Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Back to the drawing board... Rose not pregnant

Such disappointing news!

I've had several people write to inquire as to the availability of puppies and we should have been expecting puppies any day now.  However, we found out several weeks ago that Rose is not expecting.  Since this IS supposed to be the place to go for Westside Beagles pregnancy news and litter updates, I wanted to make sure that this blog got updated, albeit a little belatedly.  While I directly contacted those folks who were on the waiting list to give them the news that Rose was not pregnant after two consecutive pregnancy tests came back negative, I overlooked posting the news here on the blog.

We do not yet have definite plans on when we will breed our next litter.  Tentatively, at this point, we will most likely breed again in November or December in hopes of having an early Spring litter.  Keep checking back and thanks for your continued interest in Westside Beagles.