Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last Week with Puppies

Sarah & her newly named puppy, Joe.

Hi Everyone,

Sorry to make you wait just over a week for a new update.  I'm just busy trying to make sure puppies are cared for and are ready to go home with all of you in less than a week!  Within the past week, puppies have gone to the vet, received their health stamps of approval, got their first shots, and were microchipped.  

Dave & I have officially selected Purple girl & Turquoise girl, now named Dallas & Eve, respectively.  

After communicating with everyone, things have fallen into place for puppy selection as follows:
  • Melissa's family will get Pink girl, whose name will be Rosemary.
  • Kate & Bryan will be taking Blue boy, whose new name is Jackson. 
  • Sarah & Chris will be taking Green boy, whose new name is Joe 

.... these previous two names together make me think of Shoeless Joe Jackson!  
  • Pam's family will be taking Red boy, whose new name is Buzz, short for Sir Buzzington ;)

I'm now in the process of setting up times for puppy pick-ups with everyone.  If I haven't set a definite pick-up time with you yet, don't worry, as I'll be getting in contact with you in the next couple of days to do so.  I am also getting together all paperwork and supplies to send home.  The following information is altered from a previous post, but should be helpful in helping you prepare for bringing your puppy home this week.


As you prepare to bring your new puppy home, you will need to start assembling supplies.  The most important item you will need to purchase will be a wire crate.  I recommend a Medium-sized crate with dimensions approximately 30” x 19” x 21” with a wire divider that allows you to make a small space in the crate for while puppy is little and widen the amount of space in the crate as puppy gets bigger.  The MidWest iCrate can be found at most local pet stores and is perfect for crate training a beagle from puppyhood to adulthood.

I will get you started by sending each puppy home with a nylon collar and leash, 2 toys, and a blanket that has the scent of mom and littermates.  All puppies will receive enough 4 Health Puppy Chow (a premium brand sold at Tractor Supply) to last for a week and I will send instructions for feeding and for transitioning to a new diet, should you decide you would like to switch to another puppy food.  Puppies will also have paperwork accompanying them, including a print-out of their pedigree, their AKC registration form, and their health record, which will document any exams, treatments, and vaccinations the puppies received while they were with us.  

The Big Day: Bringing Puppy Home
The day you finally get to bring your puppy home is an exciting one – you’ve probably been eagerly making plans for the big day and running those plans over and over again in your mind.  Just keep in mind that your new puppy is totally unaware of all the great things you have in store for him or her and will be easily overwhelmed by all of the new sights, sounds, and sensations he or she is about to experience.  Hopefully the following information will help make the transition from our kennel to your home as easy as possible.

The Car Ride
When you come to pick up your puppy, you should make sure at least two people come along for the ride – one person to drive and another person to hold the puppy.  This will make sure to keep the driver from being distracted and allow the passenger to concentrate on the needs of the puppy during the ride home.   If you are going to be traveling a relatively short distance, this will be the one time when you will hold the puppy for the entire car ride to help keep him or her feel safe and secure.  If you are going to be driving a distance of over an hour, you may want to consider bringing a carrier along and having the puppy stay in the carrier during the drive.  Either way, make sure to bring at least two towels – one for wrapping the puppy up in or lining the carrier, and another as a spare, in case the puppy has an accident.  You might want to also bring a plastic bag to put soiled towels in and baby wipes to aid in clean-up.

For a short drive, the puppy is unlikely to have an accident if he or she is allowed to use the bathroom before getting into the car.  For a longer drive, the puppy obviously is more likely to have an accident.  This time only, in the event of puppy’s first trip, resist the urge to stop off at a rest stop to allow the puppy to relieve him or herself.  You don’t want to potentially expose the puppy to infectious diseases at a time when he or she is both under stress and does not have full immunity.  If puppy has an accident, merely change out the soiled towel and provide him or her with a fresh one.  Potty training can start once you get him or her home.

Bathroom accidents aren’t the only mess your puppy is likely to make in the car.  It is not uncommon for puppies to get sick to their stomachs when they travel in the car due to the unfamiliarity of everything, not to mention the overwhelming sounds, vibrations and other sensations.  To help make the trip a little easier on puppy stomachs, we will withhold a puppy’s food in the hours prior to the car ride home and you can feed puppy once he or she gets home.

Finally Home!
To start things off on the right foot with your new puppy, you should plan to set aside plenty of devoted time to spend with him or her,  Once you get home with your puppy, take him or her directly to the area you have selected as the designated potty area.  Once he or she uses the bathroom (probably just urine), praise puppy and bring him or her inside your home.   Initially, you will want puppy to get limited access to the house.  (Allow him or her to get acclimated to an area before expanding access little by little over a period of days.)  Introduce puppy to the crate.  The crate should be placed in a location where the family spends most of their time and should be covered with a blanket (except for the opening) to make it cave-like.  Place the blanket with his or her mom’s and littermates’ scents inside, along with a toy or two.  Let puppy explore the crate, but don’t lock the door behind him or her.  You can also offer a few kibbles of food or some treats in the crate to begin to form a positive association.  Now you are off to the right start!  Please refer to other resources to get more details on proper crate training.  (I will be providing copies of some of my favorite articles to each of you to help out.)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Week 6: Rogue & Puppies Doing Great in Kennel

Hi Everyone!

It took me awhile to find the time and energy, but FINALLY I have pictures available from this past weekend!  Puppies have been out in the kennels for about 5 days now and have adapted like it's no big deal.  I think I'm having a harder time with the move than the puppies are, as I miss having them around terribly.  (At the same time, I have to admit that I'm relieved not to be mopping floors 24-7.)  I've been out to visit the puppies every other day after work and those little ones get so excited when they see me, it totally melts my heart!  Pink girl in particular just begs to be picked up and snuggled, and would be happy to never leave my arms, making me feel horribly guilty when I leave.

So this past weekend, most everyone had the chance to come out and visit the puppies and it seems like everything is starting to fall into place as to whom is interested in which puppies.  Dave and I will decide for certain this weekend which puppies we are keeping, but based on personalities and looks, we are still strongly leaning towards Purple & Turquoise girls.

This upcoming week is a big one for the puppies, as they'll get their first check-up at the vet's office, will get their first set of shots, and will get microchipped - all this in preparation for going to new homes.  As we get closer and closer to take home time, please let me know if I can answer any questions you might have to help you prepare for your new additions.

Well folks, I'm up much later than I really should be, so I'd better wrap this up and get pictures attached for your viewing enjoyment.  Have a good one and I'll be in touch soon!

Sleepy Green boy is so worn out and fighting sleep!

Blue boy entertains himself with Mom's tie-out lead.

Sweet little Pink girl is about to doze off.

Purple girl isn't usually this still!

Isn't Red boy adorable?

Turquoise girl is on the alert.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Week 5: Getting Ready to Move Puppies Out to Kennel

Hi Everyone!

Wow, has this past week been crazy!  Not only are my allergies awful (can you say weird weather swings?), but the fuel pump went out on my car on my way home from school on Tuesday, our AC unit isn't working in this heat, and very wild little puppies are making a mess of my condo!  ;)

The puppies are so busy and active right now - within the past week, they discovered that they can squirt through the baby gate separating our kitchen from our living room area, and consequently, they run around as they please!  It is really quite funny to see them squeezing through the gate - the more food they eat, the more they struggle to get their big bellies through.  I tried attaching cardboard to the gate to block the puppies from going through, as I'm always afraid they will get themselves stuck while I'm not around, but they managed to shred their way to freedom in one day flat.  While I started trying to brainstorm other ways I could block the gate, I finally gave up, since puppies really only have one more day indoors before we move them out to the kennels.  And while I'll miss having little ones around to snuggle with all the time, I'll appreciate not mopping my floors 3-4 times a day!

With the puppies moving out to the property, we look forward to having all of you out to visit on the weekends when your schedules permit.  Not only will you guys have the opportunity to love on your potential future puppies, but you'll be helping us out with socializing everyone.  The puppies are already used to being around other dogs and cats, but their experience with people has largely been limited to me and Dave to-date (although one family came to visit at the condo last weekend).

In addition to the pictures I posted on Picassa from the past week, I wanted to provide you all with individual pictures so you can track the progress of the puppies you might be interested in.  At this point, Dave and I are most interested in considering Purple girl & Turquoise girl for ourselves due to their looks, noses (with where their noses lead them, there's no doubting they are beagles), and additionally, their adventurous personalities.  However, we won't decide for certain until we've evaluated the puppies at 6½ weeks of age.

Blue Boy
Out of all of the puppies, I think Blue boy is the most laid back.  Sure, he'll play and wrestle and bounce around, but he is also perfectly happy to be held, will flop down anywhere belly up, or patiently allows his brothers and sisters to gnaw on his ears, tail, or paws without complaint.  Blue boy has a wonderful, gentle personality and is bound to be a true lapdog.

Green Boy

Green boy is my cry-baby of the group.  He loves to explore, but if he gets in over his head or gets frustrated about something, he'll cry for me to help him out.  Green boy is the puppy who gets stuck most frequently trying to go through the gate - he just doesn't ever miss a meal and his belly is the proof!  Green boy squirms a little bit when I first pick him up, but once I give him kisses and scratches, he usually relaxes and falls asleep against my chest.

Pink Girl
Pink girl is my wild woman!  If she isn't crashed out sleeping, then she is running around looking for action (making her very hard to photograph sometimes)!  A social butterfly, she wants in on every wrestling match she sees and loves hanging out with the grown-up dogs.  It makes me laugh to think my initial impression of her was that she was so quiet and sweet!  Not that she isn't sweet - after all, she loves to give kisses and to be picked up and snuggled - it's just that she's not particularly reserved!

Purple Girl
Purple girl is MY little girl.  She comes dashing through the gate from the kitchen whenever I come home and loves to follow me around the condo.  She is definitely an explorer and was the first puppy to discover the gate could be traversed.  Her nose is constantly seeking new smells and I've already caught her trying to steal my underwear from the bathroom floor when I was in the shower!

Red Boy
Red boy is so spunky!  He is just full of personality and when he runs, it looks almost like he's skipping and bouncing.  I often confuse him with Pink girl because not only are they about the same size, but they act a lot alike.  Red boy, too, loves getting into the middle of the action and is often the last puppy to go to sleep because he is so busy running around.  Don't be fooled by what a big boy he appears to be - Red boy is actually the smallest of the males.

Turquoise Girl
Turquoise girl is tiny but tough.  She just always looks like she is so self-confident, with the jaunty way she trots around.  Turquoise girl is also an explorer - she was the first to venture into Dave's and my bedroom and is the most skilled at effortlessly squirting herself through the baby gate at will.  I'm hopeful that she'll have a great nose, as she can always track down and find a way to get to mama Rogue's food bowl, no matter where I move it to!