Monday, August 27, 2012

Bagel Bailey's Puppies

Blue boy and Yellow girl snuggle in the lap of our neighbor, Savannah.

Hi Everyone!

So once again, I'm writing with my weekly update on Bagel Bailey and her puppies.  When I last wrote, Orange boy had me worried over a case of puppy strangles.  Luckily, we caught things early and he has responded well to a course of steroids and antibiotics, coupled with some TLC living indoors with us.  The swelling has completely gone down in his neck and he's doing great.  All the rest of the puppies continue to show no signs of developing this condition and we are keeping our fingers crossed that things stay that way.

Additionally, when I last wrote, I had also hoped to get pictures posted to share with all of you, but I must apologize for not following through on this.  It seems my camera has gone MIA.  I know it is somewhere in my condo and while I kept assuming it would eventually turn up, so far this has not been the case.  As a result, I had to start taking pictures with my iphone, but then I couldn't get my computer to recognize my cell phone so that I could download the pictures I took.   Now, the only way I can figure out to get pictures to my computer so that I can share them is to email them to myself one at a time from my phone, which is a little slow going.  It's been a long time coming, but I finally. finally have at least SOME pictures to share with all of you!

Given that everyone is always eager to see pictures, I'm guessing you are wanting to know what the little puppies are looking like.  There now can be no doubt that these little ones are of mixed parentage.  I mentioned last week that several of the puppies seemed a little fluffy and that continues to be the case.  The girls in particular seem to have finer, longer hair.  I don't have the slightest idea what their daddy was, but I have to say that fluffy beagle puppies sure are CUTE!

Blue boy looks like he just woke up!

Look at that face!  Green boy is one handsome puppy!

One of the few pics I actually got of Green girl not wrestling!

Look at that pose! Orange boy is my little buddy!

Mostly white, Orange girl is one showy little girl!

Pink girl almost looks like a mini Bernese Mountain Dog right now!

Yellow boy has perfect beagle markings!

Yellow girl is still the smallest and in my opinion, the prettiest!

So now that you've seen what they look like, I'll bet you'd like to know how Bagel's babies are doing and what they are up to, so here are the details.  The babies are getting sooooo big!  Right now they weigh about 3½ pounds.  They are increasingly steady on their feet, which means they can really get around now, though they still have a tendency to wobble!  Yellow boy actually panicked me last night by making it out of my eyesight.  I kept counting puppies and only coming up with seven, so I started frantically searching for him.  I finally found him wandering just around the corner of the garage, which was further than I'd have expected one of the puppies to get, especially at just 4 weeks old, but then puppies never fail to surprise me.

Speaking of being 4 weeks old, at this age at we usually start offering our puppies a gruel of water soaked puppy chow made into a mush.  At about 3½ weeks of age, Bagel's puppies started sticking their noses in mom's food bowl and mouthing on the kibbles.  We took this as an indicator that they were definitely ready to start in on gruel - and given that the puppies "killed it", to quote my husband, I'd say this was an accurate assessment.  Little puppies are now snacking somewhere other than just the mommy bar, which means Bagel gets at least a little break from nursing!

Speaking of food, Orange boy is bossing me and telling me it is time for his next feeding!  Before I go to feed my little buddy, here are a few more pictures for you to enjoy!

Blue boy and Green girl prepare to wrestle - mostly they just bite each others faces right now!

Orange boy

Orange girl

Pink girl

Green boy

Orange girl

Yellow boy

And now to really make you smile...

Orange girl

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Puppy Strangles in Dogs | petMD

Puppy Strangles in Dogs | petMD

For your information, the above link goes to an article on Puppy Strangles.  Below, Orange boy is pictured - notice the large swelling on the right side of his neck (on the left, as viewed in the picture).   

At Long Last...Update on Bagel & Pups

Momma Bagel does her Elvis impression.

Hi Everyone!

I know it has been forever since I posted an update on Bagel Bailey and her puppies and I apologize to all of you for the wait.  I'm sure you've all been anxious to see how she and her little guys have been doing.  We moved mom and babies out to our kennels last weekend and have been keeping close tabs on everyone to make sure they handled the adjustment to their new digs ok.  Everyone seems happy and comfortable with the set up, but it is hard not having the puppies indoors with us. :(

So what's been up with the puppies?  Well to begin with, their eyes opened up at about Day 10 and they are now really starting to notice the big world around them.  While they are still pretty wobbly, the puppies can now get up on all 4 legs and walk around, which means Bagel finds places to escape to so that she doesn't have to be a 24-7 drive-thru restaurant!  We've taken the puppies out of their kennel a few times for excursions to the yard.  Despite the fact that the little cuties don't go far, they do seem to like crawling around in the grass and napping in the sunlight.

So how are the puppies doing?  All of them seem to be thriving, growing and changing daily in leaps and bounds.  The only problem we've encountered so far occurred yesterday with Orange boy.  As many of you know, after going back to school, I am getting close to finishing up my Vet Tech degree.  We had a class field trip on Saturday, attending both a vet's office and a horse barn that are only 5 minutes away from the kennel.  Two of the girls from my program came over to see the puppies after class and almost immediately, one of the girls noticed that Orange boy's neck was swollen.  I immediately called my vet and met her at Peach Grove Animal Hospital, the clinic where we work.  

Luckily, Orange boy is ok, but the vet diagnosed him with puppy strangles, a condition I've never encountered before.  The cause of strangles is unknown, but for some reason, puppies between the ages of 3 - 8 weeks can have an overreaction of their immune system that makes their body start fighting off an infection that doesn't exist.  One of the things that can happen as a result is that the lymph nodes in the neck can swell and fill with pus, which is what happened to Orange boy.  Orange boy is now on a steroid to stop his immune system from going haywire and an antibiotic to make sure he doesn't get an actual infection.  He is now my little side-kick at home, so that I can give him his treatments and make sure he is healing up properly.  It will take a couple of weeks for all of his symptoms to subside, but he should be in great shape by the time he is ready for a new home.

As for the rest of the puppies, no one else shows any signs of developing strangles; however, we'll continue to monitor how they look.   And speaking of looks, I've begun to notice that even though all of the puppies still look like beagles, several of them have fur that is a little longer and fluffier than what I normally see in my own puppies.  Does this mean that daddy doggy wasn't a beagle after all?  Who knows... once again, only time will tell.  But still, it's so weird - if it weren't for the way the fur feels, I would still be convinced that these puppies are all beagle, but something is definitely different about some of their coats!  Oh well.  Regardless, these babies get a good chunk of their good looks from their mom, which means they'll be gorgeous and beagle-y.

Well folks, it is about time I got ready to go to bed for the night.  I'm attaching a couple of pictures from today and will work on getting all of last week's photos uploaded to a new Picasa album for you guys to check out.  Thanks for checking in on these puppies and for considering giving one of them a forever home!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Picassa Album: Bagel Bailey's Puppies Week 1

Click below to view Bagel's Picasa photo album with puppy pictures.
Bagel Bailey's Puppies Week 1

Bagel Bailey's Beagle Puppies at 1 Week Old!

Sweet, sleepy puppies!  Aren't they adorable?
 Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay in posting, but I found that I took far more pictures than I even imagined of mamma Bagel Bailey and her adorable, chubby puppies!  As a result, I had quite a few pics to download, sort through, and edit for posting.  Be on the lookout for a post linking to a Picasa slideshow so that you can check out the entire album of photos.  However, in the meantime, I'm sure you are wondering how the babies have grown and changed over the past week, so without further delay, here are some pics to whet your appetite for cuteness!

Blue boy may be the smallest boy, but he sure is a talker!
Pink girl was the hardest to photograph - she wiggled and yelled at me her whole shoot!
I'm in love with Green boy, a laid back cutie who loves to be held!
Green girl has a gorgeous white diamond blaze across her forehead

Is Orange boy ever a chubby puppy!  He is the biggest puppy by far!
I love Orange girl's showy white coat with black spots!
Yellow boy always seem happy and content - he's such a good boy!
This tiny girl is my very favorite - she's the runt of the litter, but so, so sweet and cuddly!
Baby beagles love their puppy piles!
Bagel Bailey has been such a good mom and is such a wonderfully affectionate girl!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wondering what puppies might look like?

Since many of the puppies are currently so dark in color, I thought it might be fun to show how beagles change in color from the time they are puppies to the time they are adults.  Isn't amazing to see how different these guys look from their puppy pics?

Rogue's Puppy Pic at ~6 weeks
Rogue as an adult

Echo at 2 weeks old
Echo at 4 weeks old
Echo at 4 months old

Colette's newborn pic
Colette at 4 weeks
Colette at 3 years old