Thursday, July 10, 2014


AKC Westside Rogue's Let's Call it Even (Eve)

Well, we were once again disappointed this spring.  Initially, we were very excited that Rose tested positive on a pregnancy test, this being our final attempt to get puppies from her.  However, when we took Rose in for x-rays, there was no evidence of puppies. We x-rayed again one week later, but still no puppies. This means that Rose resorbed her pregnancy.  This is different from aborting.  It means that something happened to make her body absorb the fetuses she was carrying.

Since this is the second year in a row that we found out we were not having puppies, we quickly started making arrangements to breed Rose's half-sister, Eve, who was due to come into heat.  When she finally did come in, I drove over 6 hours to central Virginia to drop her off at Mike Mooney's place, where he had a field champion stud named Mr. Sam that my husband had been wanting to breed a dog to for quite some time.  All in all, it was a 13 hour round trip to and from that I made twice - once to drop Eve off and once to pick her up a week later!  Now we are cautiously holding our breath and crossing our fingers that we may finally have puppies on the way again.  We should know more within the next week, so for those who have been waiting for some kind of news from us for a while, stay posted.  I hope to announce some good news very soon!