Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I haven't forgotten everyone!

Hi Everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about all of you now that you have your puppies. Last week was one of my busiest work weeks ever, and with a lot of deadlines looming, the beagle correspondence suffered. I have not yet scanned all of the contracts to PDF, so expect me to do that in the next day or two! In addition, I hope to follow up individually with everyone. :D

So as an update, all of the puppies who were headed to new homes have made it and are settling in! I have no doubt that each and every pup will be well loved. It's just weird to be down to the two girls, Nina and Rose, who actually have a new play buddy. Dave's dad Larry picked up a puppy from his nephew in East Enterprise, IN (near Rising Sun)... turns out he wanted a puppy of his own. Ths new puppy is approximately the same age as our pups and Larry has named her Della. She was a little uncertain about the new environment, but she and Rose in particular are now best of friends!

Just in case you all were curious, all of the puppies now have their new names:

John & Syliva chose Louie (Blue Boy);

John & Monica (actually, the boys) chose Narrow (Green Boy);

Dave & kids chose Rudi (White Girl);

...and finally...

Wendy & Todd in Columbus chose Luca (Red/Yellow Boy).

For some of the last pictures I took while the puppies were all together, please take a look at the new slide show. Remember you can still look back on old slide shows by double-clicking on the slideshow.

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