Monday, October 10, 2011

Puppies Can't Stay Still!

Bruce Meets the Kids

Hi Everyone,

I think you've all been wondering what happened to me this past week and to be honest, I've been wondering myself.  Certainly it hasn't been my week, as to top things off, I got a nasty stomach bug that knocked the wind out of my sails like no else.  Today was the first time since Monday afternoon that my stomach felt normal but my energy was still drained and I slept nearly all day today.  I'm finally feeling pretty good now and I figured it was high time that I shared more pictures and news with all of you.

Since I've been ill, I haven't been out to see the puppies as much as I'd like, so Dave has made up for me by squeezing all the puppies (as he calls it!) for me.  The puppies LOVE Dave and they squeal and clamber all over each other, competing to be picked up and held by him.  It has been hard to be away from the puppies and every time I see them, I am amazed by how much bigger, smarter, more playful, and just plain speedier they keep getting!  They've been getting so speedy, in fact, that it has been harder and harder to capture pictures and video of them.  I'm doing my best for all of you, since I know you can't visit to come see them as often as you would all like. 

When it comes to taking pictures, Lime Green Boy is probably the hardest to capture without having the picture be blurry, while Blue Boy seems to stay front and center as usual.  Yellow Girl and White Girl are also somewhat easier to capture, as they seem to always be close to me.  Pink Girl and Purple Girl are usually tangled up in some sort of ruckus, which makes them harder to get, while Dark Green Boy continues his wandering ways - he loves to explore!  Despite always being off on his own private adventure while free, once confined, he jumps up over and over again, begging to be held, then snuggles in for my hugs and kisses, reciprocating by giving me plenty of kisses back!

I've tried to select out some of my favorite individual pictures from this past week to share with all of you here on the blog and will try to get pictures uploaded to Picassa before too long here.  I've also got videos to upload to YouTube, so hopefully you'll have plenty of puppy media to get your fix from shortly.  I appreciate you all bearing with my lack of communication over the past week as I've tried to get through my illness.  Take care and I'll be in touch soon!

Blue Boy - wouldn't want to miss a picture opp!
Blue Boy
Dark Green Boy - running off to explore again!
Dark Green Boy
Lime Green Boy - catch me if you can!
Lime Green Boy
Pink Girl - thinking about jumping!
Pink Girl
Purple Girl - look at that pose!
Purple Girl
White Girl - isn't she pretty?

White Girl

Yellow Girl - what'cha doin'?
Yellow Girl

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