Thursday, June 23, 2016

Eve's puppies reach their first birthday

Hi everyone,

I had really hoped to share an update on puppies with all of you earlier in the week. However, by the time I got off work the past several days and got all of the fur babies taken care of, I found myself falling asleep trying to type. So much for thinking I'd caught up on sleep!

The first news I want to share is unfortunately sad news. Despite my efforts and hopes, Tiny girl did not make it. Early Sunday morning, I had been sleeping on the couch so I could stay close and to keep a regular check on everyone. I had last looked in on the babies at 2:30 am. At that time, everyone was nursing and I was able to make sure that Tiny girl was holding her own at the milk bar. Just prior to 3:30 am, I awoke to hear Eve crying and rushed over to find Tiny girl cool to the touch and not moving. I frantically worked to warm and stimulate her. While I was working over her, Dave woke up and after a bit, he took over trying to revive her. However, after a significant period of time, we finally had to accept that Tiny girl was not coming back and we said good-bye to our spunky little fighter. I don't know for sure why she died, but I know we did everything possible to give her her best chance.

Good-bye, sweet girl.
I've taken the loss of Tiny girl hard, but also realize that it was probably for the best. We don't know if she could've had other problems beyond her belly. I also do know that I am blessed to still have five chunky, sassy, bossy puppies to raise. Every time I peek into Eve's crate, I can't help but smile. Eve is relaxing somewhat and is fine with me picking up puppies as long as I don't take them all the way out of the crate. This means I now get to give them lots of kisses, which I just have to do given that they they are so stinkin' cute and smushy!

The line-up
Each one of the puppies has begun to show little signs of their personalities. Blue boy and Green girl are the bossy, demanding puppies. They cry if they don't get their way and sometimes for apparently no reason at all! More than once I have dashed over to the crate because I heard squeaks and cries, only to find those two nursing and fussing all at the same time. They just seem to be talkers! (And they remind me of their sister, Patience, whom repeatedly made me say "Grant me patience!" when she was a puppy.) Now I just laugh and roll my eyes when I hear them.

Blue boy (left) & Green girl (right)

Green girl (left) & Blue boy (right)
Yellow girl and Pink girl also make me laugh when they are nursing. Why? Well it's because they are such little piggies! They tug away at mom like they are eating their last meal. They make feeding look like exercise, which for them, probably is. It must also be exhausting, as they are the puppies most likely to pass out after finishing dinner. May I submit the following pictures of Yellow girl as evidence...?

Just after she fell asleep and slipped off the milk bar...

Curling up...

And assuming her final napping position!
Not to be left out of my descriptions, Tan & white girl so far is the laid back one. She is more likely to do her own thing, doesn't cry much, and certainly isn't as demanding as her siblings. Despite the fact that she doesn't try to be the center of attention, Tan & white girl really stands out with her beautiful coloring.

Look at those chubby legs and cute puppy butt!

Well, everyone, it is getting late YET again. I think I need both more energy and more hours in the day to get everything done! I'm going to sign off on the writing, but I'll still add some more pictures for your viewing enjoyment.

Blue boy snuggles into Green girl.

Blue boy (Second to be born)

Green girl (Third to be born)

Green girl

Group shot... and there's Tan & white girl on her own.

Puppy pile!

Pink girl (First born)

Pink girl

Tan & white girl (Sixth to be born)

Tan & white girl

Yellow girl in the mix!

Tan & white girl with Yellow girl

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