Sunday, May 25, 2008

Just a little bit of a belly...

While we were out at the property today, John, Monica, & their two boys came out to visit. Rogue particularly took to John, while the 9 month old puppies Potter, Luna, & Lily couldn't quite decide whether to play with the boys or chew on their rawhides.
Rogue continues to be a picky eater, which is unusual for her but not unusual during the first part of a pregnancy. We've been offering her all sorts of food to encourage her to eat, but she mainly just picks at her food eating little bits at a time. Despite this, she'll still take all the dog biscuits she can get and loves her raw hides!
I finally seem to have found a food that she seems to like better than the others - Bill Jac, which of course is one of the most expenisve foods at Petsmart! Oh well... as long as she eats it! The Bill Jac food is high in animal protein, which is important for growing puppies, so at least she's eating food that's good for her.
Despite Rogue's poor appetite, she still seems to have just a bit of a belly starting, so keep on keeping your fingers crossed! You can be the judge...

Baby bump?

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