Friday, June 20, 2008

Looks like six puppies are on their way!

We took Rogue for x-rays yesterday. It was absolutely amazing to see all the little skeletons stretched out acrosss Rogue's belly! There very clearly were 6 puppies showing up on the x-rays. And not a one of those puppies was curled up all nice and, they really were all stretched out and taking up plenty of space! It was funny to see, especially since I could easily feel little puppies moving around like bumper cars in Rogue's belly and knew those puppies were wide awake when we took the x-rays! Six puppies is a nice, manageable number of puppies and works out perfectly with the number of you that have asked to be placed on the waiting list. Now just cross your fingers and say a little prayer that all goes smoothly! I expect that it will since the x-rays did not show any big noggin puppies that could potentially clog up the works! Still, wish us luck!

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