Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nothing Like Having to Wait a Little Longer!

On the way to the vet!
Hi Everyone,

Work was a little slow yesterday and so I ended up bringing Rogue in for her x-rays a day earlier than planned.  With Rogue being 53 days out from breeding, little puppy skeletons should have definitely begun to show and a day should not have made much difference.  However, we were extremely disappointed when we looked at the x-rays and discovered we could not see any little puppies showing up.  The vet and I began discussing the possibility that Rogue was having a false pregnancy.  Just to be 100% certain, we did a pregnancy test, fully expecting it to come back negative.  When I arrived into work today, I got the surprising results back - Rogue's relaxin pregnancy test was positive!

So what does this mean, since the relaxin test was positive, but no puppies are showing?  The vet informed me that she has never seen a false positive test, though she has seen false negatives when a bitch was only carrying 1 puppy.  Therefore, she has no doubt that Rogue IS pregnant.  Rogue most likely had not ovulated yet at the time she was bred, and so fertilization took place later.  Based on the negative x-rays, Rogue is probably about 10 days or so behind schedule, so we will have to take x-rays again next week to find out how many she is expecting.

What a rollercoaster!  I was dreading having to write all of you and let you know the disappointing news that Rogue was not expecting!  While it is still disappointing not to know how many puppies she has, at least we know that she has at least SOME buns in the oven!  Keep hanging in there for another week and I will post when I finally have an estimate of how many puppies we're expecting.

Isn't this exciting?

Hmm...  Am I or aren't I?  This is confusing!

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