Monday, September 12, 2011

Eyes are open and puppies are on the move!

So stinkin' cute!!!

Hi everyone,

I was hoping to get another post up this weekend, but it ended up being a busy one!  Puppies are still indoors right now, but we are getting things ready to move them outside next weekend.  While it will be sad not to have them around 24/7, I know they are going to love the set-up in the kennels.

The puppies opened their eyes last Thursday, just as they turned 2 weeks old.  Since then, they have begun tearing around all over the place and I've put down non-slip foam flooring because they were crying every time they hit the linoleum.  Apparently they didn't like being slowed down by slippery flooring!

Aside from cruising around the kitchen, the puppies are also starting to wrestle with each other.  They bite each others' tails and I heard one of the puppies growl at another one for the first time the other day!  Without teeth, the puppy bites are pretty ineffectual, but I was shocked to find bruising on some of their bellies.  Turns out that when mom isn't nearby for a meal, they use each other as pacifiers and have been giving each other hickies!  Too bad they don't make binkies for puppies, huh?

Well guys, I'm beat and I'm sure you are all getting anxious to see pictures.  I didn't update Picassa, but I including several pictures in this blog post.  I also video taped the puppies and just need to figure out how to post the video on the blog so you can check the puppies out in action.  If all else fails and I can't post the video here, I'll post a link to YouTube and upload the video there.  Enjoy the pics!

All my best,

Hugs or wrestling?  Blue boy on the bottom with Purple (formerly orange) girl on top.
Blue boy gets cozy with White girl
Dark green boy stretches awake.
Enough sleep - let's get moving!
Blue boy snuggles with Lime green boy
Look at that sweet face!
Pink girl with...surprise...Blue boy!
Pink girl is bound to be a belly rub girl!
Purple (formerly orange) girl snoozes.
Nap time all around.
Dark green boy and White girl
White girl is the littlest puppy.
More puppy bellies!  White girl, Lime green boy, & Pink girl.
Yellow girl and Pink girl.

Yellow girl is the biggest girl.
White girl and Pink girl - all that walking around wore them out!
Blue boy...again.  He's always mugging for the camera!

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