Monday, July 30, 2012

Foster Dog "Bagel Bailey" Has 8 Puppies!

Look at Bagel's sweet hound dog face!

When she first brought the beagle into Peach Grove Animal Hospital, rescue owner Sandy stated that she thought Bagel was looking a little big and was suspicious that she might be pregnant.  The vet quickly confirmed those suspicions, and x-rays soon revealed that 7-8 puppies were on their way within the next week!  I could tell that Sandy was a little overwhelmed by the prospect of preparing for so many puppies and making sure they all made it safely into the world.  Being the sucker that I am for beagles, I talked to my husband Dave and he (somewhat reluctantly) allowed me to bring Bagel into our home for a time.  I figured, after all the beagle puppy births we've been through, it would be a lot easier and a lot less stressful for me to handle Bagel's birthing than it would be for Sandy.

When Sandy dropped Bagel (whom we now lovingly call Bagel Bailey in a take on the comic strip) off at our home, she quickly made herself at home and bonded to me.  This was a good thing, as mother beagles need to trust the person who will assist them during whelping and help care for their babies.  Bagel Bailey's began labor last Thursday night, and in the wee hours of Friday, she gave birth to 4 girls and 4 boys.  All 8 puppies came out looking just like beagles, healthy and strong, and it will now be fun to see if they continue to look like beagles as they grow, since their baby daddy is an unknown entity.

These puppies will move onto Sandy's rescue once they are big enough to be moved, but in order to facilitate the adoption of these new little lives, I will be blogging with pictures and updates on these puppies.  If you may be interested in providing a home for one of these puppies once they are old enough, please drop me a line and I will put you in touch with Pet Lovers Rescue. Look for individual pictures of puppies in the next day or two.


Kris said...

For as much rich brown Bagel has I can't believe there isn't more brown in them. The first boy is too cute. I can't wait to hold them.

Westside Beagles said...

Believe it or not, beagle puppies are usually born mostly black and white. The tan will come out as they get older. Wherever the puppies have black on their head, shoulders, and hips, they will probably have tan as adults. The exception is that one or two of the puppies may have black caps.