Sunday, October 14, 2012

Will All Bagel's Beagle Puppies Find their Forever Homes?

Yay! I found my forever home!  (I gave them my puppy dog eyes.)

Hi everyone!

So here we are at Week 11 and I'm crossing my fingers that all of the puppies MAY have found their forever homes.  Turquoise girl, Lulu, found her new family last Sunday and is living in Portsmouth, OH.  She has been renamed Carly, after what I was told was a high level family meeting!  Green girl, Matilda, also met her new family last Sunday and has plans to move to Erlanger, KY later on today.

Now my name is Carly!

Yay!  I leave for my forever home today!

Black boy, Ollie, in his new home with best friend, Brooklyn!

Pink girl, Scarlet, in her new home with resident big sis, Edy!

Purple girl, Lily, in her new home!

The remaining puppies who are available for adoption are my Buddy, Blue boy Jake, and Green boy Simon.  They spent the day yesterday at an adoption event at Petsmart at Bridgewater Falls.  My babies hammed it up for the masses and worked their magic.  My Buddy and Jake have the opportunity to go to a new home together, which would be absolutely perfect!  Another family is considering Simon.  I don't know yet if everything will fall into place for these guys, but I'm sure keeping my fingers crossed!

Jake, Buddy, & Simon

Hmmm, what was that noise?

Blue boy, Jake

I'm a social butterfly!

My Buddy

I love wrestling with other dogs!

Green boy, Simon

I come running if I think I'll get some lovin'!

Phew!  We wore ourselves out!

A last pic with my turquoise girl...

Thanks for checking out our blog, everyone!  Hope you've enjoyed the pictures and updates.  Stay tuned to see if everyone found their forever homes...

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