Sunday, March 24, 2013

Making Plans for the Next Litter!

Our planned Mom-to-be, Rose!
Rose at ~6 weeks
Hi everyone!  We are making plans for our next litter!  The intended mom-to-be is Rose, one of our girls from Rogue's first litter.  Rose is just as sweet as her mom and has even better looks!  At 4 years old, she is a very hardy, healthy little dog.  Rose has never been bred before, so this will be her first litter.  We anticipate that she will be coming into heat sometime during the month of April and we are still trying to decide whom to breed her to.  Given that pregnancy in dogs lasts ~63 days, this means puppies will likely be born in June and be ready to go to new homes at the age of 8 weeks during the month of August.  We'll keep you posted as we know more about puppy plans!


Anonymous said...

How much???

David Embry said...

Is Rose in heat yet? Please let us know. Thank you

Melanie/Dave Embry