Sunday, May 5, 2013

The First Wait is Over!

Hi Everyone!

So...exciting news today!  Rose finally came into heat and with that news, we were able to make a decision on whom to breed her to!  After considering several different males, including our own male, Potter, we have decided on FC Schmitt's Platinum Tomahawk.  Tomahawk is a good-looking, medium-fast hound who has already produced 2 field champion puppies.  We previously had a litter sired by his dad, FC Woodside Platinum Plus, and the puppies grew up to be very friendly and outgoing, not to mention gorgeous!  In fact, our male, Potter, is Tomahawk's half-brother.  We bred Potter to Rose's mother, Rogue, last year and were very pleased with the resulting puppies.  Therefore, we are quite hopeful that this breeding will produce puppies with similar qualities.

Since Rose just came into heat, it will be ~11-15 days before she is ready to be bred.  Bitches normally have a surge in luteinizing hormone (LH) on Day 10 after they first start their heat cycle.  This triggers ovulation to occur in 1-3 days following, which makes this the ideal time to breed.  We plan to take Rose to be bred a week from this coming Thursday - then, the countdown for pregnancy begins!  We'll keep you guys posted!

FC Woodside Platinum Plus - sire of Tamahawk and Potter (below) from separate litters

Potter is  half-brother to Tomahawk and sired a litter with Rogue (pictured below).

Mom-to-be Rose with her own mother, Rogue (left)

Dallas and Eve are puppies out of Rogue (Rose's mom) and Potter (Tomahawk's half brother).  Our hope is that Rose and Tomahawk will have puppies who turn out similarly!

Previous puppies out of Tomahawk

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