Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dallas' Puppies Turn 1 Week Old!

Hi everyone,

Dallas' puppies turned 1 week old on Friday and to celebrate, we had a photo shoot yesterday! I did my best, but Dallas wasn't very happy with me for snagging her babies one by one, and boy was it ever hard to keep puppies still for their pictures! Despite the difficulties, I think I got some good shots...

Dallas and Bruce's firstborn: A little girl with a pretty white blaze.
Second to be born: A little boy with white going down one side of his face like grandma Rogue!
Third to be born: A petite little girl - isn't she pretty?
Fourth to be born: A little girl with lots of white who seems to be Dallas' favorite.
Fifth to be born: A little girl with a big noggin' and a white blaze just like her great-grandma DeeDee!
Last but not least: A handsome little boy - don't you love the pink on his nose?
The puppies are growing in leaps and bounds and currently weigh between 1¼ lbs. and 1½ lbs. This is double their birth weight, which means they are right on track. Dallas continues to be a very good mama and while at first she wouldn't leave the crate, she finally figured out that the puppies do just fine if she goes away for short periods of time.
Mama Dallas (pre-pregnancy) with her sister, Eve.

Handsome daddy, Bruce.
I return to work this week, so it promises to be a busy one, but I will continue to do my best to take pictures to share with all of you from time to time. Stay tuned!

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