Monday, August 31, 2015

While eyes are open, puppies mostly sleep and nurse!

Hi everyone!
So I'm a day or two later posting pictures and providing an update than I was hoping to be, but better late than never. I got pictures over the weekend, but then had a power outage last night that kept me from downloading and editing pictures. Plus, I have just been so busy - I forgot just how much work having puppies could be and between them, work, and caring for the rest of our furry family members, I have to admit I'm exhausted!
Despite the hard work, it is a joy to have these little babies in the household. I'm constantly torn between picking them up to snuggle and sniff (nothing like the smell of baby puppies!) or just letting them be while I sit and watch them have puppy dreams. One of the additional benefits of just sitting and watching them is noticing the little changes that are gradually happening. Last Thursday, I noticed the start of the puppies' eyes opening and by Sunday, everyone had their eyes fully open. The puppies still can't see well and their eyes have a blue haze over them, but each day their eye sight gets stronger and they start to explore more. Still, despite their short bursts of exploration, the puppies sleep or eat most of the time and I look forward to the upcoming weeks as they continue to become more active and playful.
Well, here are the latest pics. Hope you enjoy!
1st born girl, now wearing a pastel green collar.

2nd born boy, now wearing a blue collar.

3rd born girl, now wearing a pink collar.
4th born girl, now wearing a yellow collar.

5th born girl, now wearing a purple collar.

Last puppy, a boy, now wearing a red collar.
I told you these babies sleep all the time! At least they look incredibly cute doing it!

Sleeping is always better when you have someone to snuggle with.

Out like a light!

Proud mama, Dallas

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Kristine Tyler said...

We love watching the puppies grow!!