Sunday, November 16, 2008

Individual Puppy Pics

Hi Everyone! As promised, here are the latest puppy pictures. All of the puppies are color-coded by their collars and will keep these collars so that you can keep track of them as they grow. Everyone is doing great, even little Green boy. All the puppies have chubby round bellies, big noggins, and little ears right now! They're cute, but goofy looking right now! They have opened their eyes and their ears and have begun exploring more now that they can tell where they are going. (Ok, well sorta - their sight still isn't the best!)

White girl (Racing stripe girl, Miss Piggy) - Already full of personality, she never misses a meal! She thinks she is the queen and lounges about the nest box belly up most of the time.

Pink girl - Wiggly, wiggly, and more wiggly!

Purple girl (formerly wore an Orange collar) - Easily contented, she doesn't fuss much...that is, except when she's happily nursing. That's when she starts her happy little cries, which can be a bit confusing to Mom!

Green boy - still the smallest, but not by much! His problem has always been that he wants to check everything out - which means he's always last to dinner!

Red boy (formerly wore a dark green collar) - this guy can move! He's a bit wobbly, but he's already trying to walk and does a pretty good job of it too!

Blue boy - today I'm calling him grumpy! He wasn't happy about his photo shoot and cried for mom til she started to get annoyed with me! Aaah, the price of cuteness!

Yellow boy - last but not least! He nearly fooled us into thinking DeeDee was only having 6 puppies, but better late than never! He's the "baby", but came out bigger than any of the rest of the puppies! This guy was a tough one to photograph because he just kept coming straight towards me. His eyes work just fine!

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