Thursday, November 6, 2008

Puppies are growing quickly!

Hi Everyone - Everything continues to be busy on our end of the line this fall, especially with rapidly growing puppies! After a slow start, even the little Green boy is starting to gain quickly. He is now dealing with a bit of diarrhea, which often happens after a change in feeding habits, but having made it past 1 week, I think this little guy will do just fine. All of the puppies are little chubs right now - big round bellies and fat heads (with little ears)! Even though all of the puppies have their eyes closed and can not yet hear, we can already start to see little personalities emerging. Some puppies are more laid back than others, while others are more demanding! We just got new little velcro collars to help with ID'ing the puppies, so we'll start calling the puppies by collar names until each of you selects and names your puppy. I haven't had the chance to take my camera out to the property for pics this week, but will do so tonight, as I'm sure you are all anxious to see more of these little cuties.

In the meantime, beginning next week, I will start asking for deposits to confirm that you are serious about selecting a puppy. Deposits will be $150 and will go towards the total purchase price of the puppies. If you end up not choosing a puppy from this litter, your deposit may be used to go towards selection of a pup from our next litter in the spring/summer and you will be placed at the beginning of the waiting list. More info to follow...

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