Monday, November 24, 2008

Too Cute!

Hi All! I'm afraid to say I don't have any pics to post today, but I did want to update you on how everyone is doing. Dave was sick this weekend, but thank goodness, I didn't have to work at the vet's or at the zoo, so I was able to take care of everyone. It even got warm enough that I could finally hose out the kennels - and boy did they need it!

DeeDee is still doing great with the pups and is trying her best to keep the nest box clean, but with puppies who are increasingly mobile and eating like crazy, she's begining to lose the race! One thing that is also beginning to change is that DeeDee is spending less and less time in the box with the puppies. While this weekend that had more to do with the San Juan rabbits I just picked up that are in cages in the barn, the main reason she's spending less time with the pups is little puppy teeth! The pups are teething right now and think Mom is a great chew toy, so she isn't letting them nurse any more than they have to!

The puppies are so enjoyable to watch right now. They are so cute and chubby and active! When they see me, they rush the front of the box to visit, then cry because they want out - we still have a board up to prevent them from wandering out of their safe place. They've begun to wrestle with each other clumsily and bite at each other, but they are still little enough that the wrestling matches last all of about 5 minutes. Then they collapse in a big puppy pile and go to sleep!

Today I clipped little puppy nails (aka "daggers"), which should help Mom's belly from becoming too raw as little paws knead at her. I checked everyone's bites, which look perfect, then just hugged and kissed on each of the puppies one by one. While beagle puppies in general are always cute, I have to say, I think this litter of pups may be the best looking litter yet! I can't wait for them to get bigger and see how their conformation develops!

Well all, as usual, its getting late. I will try to remember my camera in the next day or two. (I just kept forgetting it with the busy weekend.) I'll get picks for all to see as soon as I can! Take care everyone!

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