Saturday, August 27, 2011

First Pics of Puppies!

Hi Everyone,

So Summer delivered seven puppies overnight Wednesday into Thursday!  Everyone is doing well and at final count we have 4 girls and 3 boys.  The puppies' birth weights ranged from 6 oz to 7¼ oz, with the first puppy, the blue collar boy (front and center above) being the both the firstborn and the biggest of all the puppies. 

Summer and the puppies seem to have recovered quickly from their birth, but I'm finding I'm not recovering quite so quickly!  (Hence the reason I am just now posting the good news and pictures for all of you.)  While this is Summer's first litter, she is proving to be the best mother we've had to-date.  She keeps the puppies and her nest meticulously clean, is gentle & patient with the puppies, and while she does worry over them, she lets me handle the puppies to examine them and take their weights.

All of the puppies seem to be healthy, vigorous, and evenly matched when it comes to vying for a feeding slot with mom.  Appearance-wise, the puppies are all tri-color with markings that promise to be gorgeous.  Most of the puppies have white blazing evenly in a stripe from their nose to their forehead, with the exception of one little male who is largely black and tan all over (though he has a white tail tip and paws).  It will be interesting to see how personalities develop, because even with the puppies only being a few days old, personalities have begun emerging.  The little pink collar girl is already a diva who is the biggest cry-baby when she doesn't get her way and the black and tan male is a wanderer and an escape artist.  (Perhaps coming from his father's line, Valerie?)  As everyone grows and changes, I will try to share updates and more individualized pictures.

For those of you who are getting puppies from me, I will be asking you to make deposits on puppies within a week to confirm your position on our waiting list.  If I haven't spoken with you directly yet to make arrangements for payment, I will do so within the next few days if I don't hear from you first.  Additionally, if you have questions, concerns, or just want to hear more about the puppies from me directly, feel free to give me a call.  I enjoy having the opportunity to get to know better the families who will be providing homes form my puppies, as it helps me match the right puppies to the right families and also makes it easier for me to ultimately let the puppies go to their new homes!

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