Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Post I Never Posted: Expecting the first puppy within 24 hours!

Hi Everyone,

I had thought I posted this on Tuesday night, but discovered later that I never hit the post button...  At this point, I guess I'll still post this as a recap of what lead up to the birth of our newest litter of puppies!


Holy cow, it looks like Summer is going to go a few days early!  Taking a dog's temperature is a very good way to tell when an expectant female will be starting labor.  Typically, when a mother-to-be is getting ready to deliver her first pup within 8 to 24 hours, her temperature will drop by a degree or more.  Last night [Monday] and this morning [Tues], Summer's temp was 100 degrees F, but this evening [Tues] around 9:30pm her temperature dropped to 98.3 degrees.  While we were expecting Summer to deliver puppies Friday or Saturday night, she is certainly far enough along that the puppies should be fine.  Actually, the fact that Summer is ready to deliver already supports our guess that this will be a big litter - we are guessing 6-8.  (It is not unusual for large litters to be delivered in advance of 63 days.)  I had every intention of posting pictures of Summer's belly to share with all of you, but instead I'm trying to make sure I have everything ready to go for puppies to come into this world.  I'll post those pictures as soon as I can, but it may be awhile before I make another post, since I expect to be tied up with newborn puppies very shortly!  Wish us luck! 

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