Tuesday, March 27, 2012

And still waiting...

Wow!  The anxiety of waiting is about killing me!  Rogue continues to do well and puppies are moving and vigorous...but still not HERE yet!  She continues to show signs of being close to delivering and has stopped eating.  We brought Rogue home to our condo because she gets very upset if Dave or I am not nearby, preferably touching her, and she has taken up residence on our couch, waiting for me to bring the water bowl to her and only eating a kibble or two of food if I put baby food on it.  Given that she still hasn't had puppies yet, I would say that she didn't get pregnant on her first breeding, but on her second or third, since Sunday was day 63 from her initial breeding.  As usual, I will keep you all posted and hopefully Rogue won't keep prolonging our wait for too much longer!


DealAllure said...

Hey Barb -

Just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog, especially when puppies are on the way! Can't wait to see pictures! I still look at Finn's "baby pictures and videos." :-)

Finn is doing great! He a beautiful puppy and full of personality! He loves bones, squeaky toys, and licky kisses! True to his beagle heritage, he REALLY loves food. Especially marshmallows!

I'll try to send you pictures soon!

Best of luck with the new mommy and puppies!


Westside Beagles said...

Hi Denise! I'm so glad to hear that Finn is doing great and that you still enjoy looking back at the previous blog pics & videos. Definitely make sure to share some pictures when you get a chance! It is so fun to see how the puppies grow up and to be able to compare them to other litter mates, as well as mom and dad! For example, as Pixie and Echo get older, I see more of Summer in Pixie and more and more of Bruce in Echo. Thanks for staying in touch!