Thursday, March 29, 2012

The grand total is...6 puppies: Rogue delivers 3 boys, 3 girls!

Rogue...still smiling, just days before giving birth.

So... after a late night, Rogue finally had her very last puppy, making the official total 6 puppies!  All of the puppies are doing great - they are warm, clean, and nursing well.  Rogue is extremely overprotective right now and is constantly worrying over every little cry and peep the puppies make.  Normally I would weigh all the puppies and put collars on them, but since Rogue is a very anxious over them and every last puppy seems to be thriving (no runts), Dave and I decided against doing this until mom settles down a little bit.  In fact, Rogue doesn't really want to even lean her head out of the crate to eat or drink right now, so the time being, I am hand feeding her and passing the water bowl over!  Talk about first class service! 

All of the puppies ended up being tri-color, so clearly this is a dominant pattern considering that none of the puppies got dad's colors.  Regardless of colors, the puppies are beautiful and I'm already enthralled by just watching them.  Their coats are glossy and shiny, since mom is doing an excellent job of grooming them.  When mom gets a little calmer about me handling the puppies, I'll work on getting individual pics and assigning collar colors to everyone so you can get a feel for what everyone looks like.  In the meantime, I've included first pictures for your viewing enjoyment and have a video I'll get posted as soon as I can get it onto YouTube.  Stay tuned!

Rogue's belly the day prior to delivering.

I got home from work on Tues to find that Rogue had already popped out these three puppies on her own!

The puppy line up - a black tie affair!

Mom has to sniff and lick each and every puppy.

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