Thursday, March 15, 2012

X-Ray results are in...and the number of puppies is...

Our trip into the vet today...and a beautiful sunshiny day it was!

Hi everyone,

I brought Rogue to work with me today at the vet's office, where we took x-rays to give us an idea of how many puppies she is expecting.  Dave noticed yesterday that it seemed like her milk had started coming in.  At 52 days out from her first breeding, puppy skeletons should certainly have been visible...and they were!  While the x-rays weren't the easiest to read due to the large amount of food still moving through her digestive tract (aka, stool), the vet was able to definitively count 4 puppies and feels strongly that there are 5.  There is a slight possibility of 6 puppies, but we wouldn't go so far as to place bets on it.  This means our original estimate of 4-6 puppies based on Rogue's belly size was right on the money!

This means that for those of you currently on the waiting list, everyone should end up with a puppy!  Cross your fingers and throw up some prayers that all goes smoothly and that Rogue delivers safely.  With Rogue's first litter, she whelped 6 puppies, and while she had to have an episiotomy, she was able to deliver all six puppies naturally.  Right now, from what we could measure of puppy skulls on the xrays, it looks like the heads should clear the pelvic girdle of the birth canal, which is another positive sign. We expect puppies will be born between March 21st and 25th, so by next weekend, newborn puppies should be joining us in the world! 

When the puppies arrive, it will be very interesting to see what colors the puppies turn out to be, as this is the first time we have directly bred one of our tan and white dogs.  I'm so eager to see what happens, as no matter how much I love traditional tri-colored beagles, there is something special about the diluted variations of coat.

Because Rogue is getting so close, this weekend will be the last opportunity for those of you who would like to come out to the kennels, so please let me know if and when you would like to make arrangements to visit.  Remember, even though you won't be able to visit for about a month, I'll still work to keep you updated on how everyone is doing and developing.  Then, once the puppies have made it to 4 weeks of age, we'll begin welcoming people to come visit again. 

Well, all, it is much later than I'd hoped to get this posted, so I'll bid you all goodnight (or good morning, based on when you'll probably read this!)  As usual, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns...


Look at that belly!

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